5 Hospital Stay Essentials

May 01, 2017

5 Hospital Stay Essentials

Preparing for a short or long hospital stay?  You'd rather not think about packing your bag until the day before, right?  We get it.  It's not quite like stuffing the holiday suitcase with sunnies, sandals, suncream and swimwear.  However, a little bit of planning can help make your stay more comfortable, relaxing and, maybe even a little holiday-esque!  Here's a short list to get you started:

1. BRAIN FOOD - There will be a lot of waiting around during your stay and you don't want to suffer from boredom on top of your other ailments. Bring books, magazines, crosswords, tablets, kindles, any type of text or mind game basically.  (Tip: make sure to take a reading light for books in case you're sharing a room and you don't want to disturb your neighbour at night.)

2. EAR FOOD - Music, podcasts, audiobooks or digital radio.  There may be times during your stay when it might feel like too much effort to concentrate on reading and you're not up to it.  Don't fret - your trusty smartphone can save the day!  You can download music, audiobooks and podcasts to your phone in advance (in case the hospital wifi ain't all that).  If you do have a decent mobile data connection, digital radio is always an option - allowing you to stay connected to the outside world because, let's face it, every day is the same on the wards and it's nice to stay up to date on events beyond the hospital walls. (Tip: it's an obvious one but don't forget your phone charger!)

3. FOOD FOOD - Hospital food is, generally, [insert expletive here].  Also, the meals are at set times - usually not coinciding with unscheduled munchie attacks.  So, it's wise to pack some non-perishable snacks such as nuts, popcorn, peanut butter/chocolate spread, crackers, museli bars, a box of your favourite cereal (you can get some milk from the kitchen) and your preferred tea bags.  These will fill the gap between meals times or during the early morning hours when you've been woken again as your bed happens to be right beside the nurse's station. (Tip: bring a large resealable plastic bag for your food as it will keep it fresh and prevent odours and always check with medical staff incase you should be fasting!). 



4. SLEEP KIT - Speaking of sleep, it can be difficult to get good shut-eye in a hospital ward with all the visitors, busy hospital staff and noisy beeping machines.  Just when your body needs it most to rest and repair!  Reusable ear plugs and a sleep mask are your new best friends.  It can also be nice to pack your own pillow from home.  Finally, aromatherapy oil roller balls with a sleep-inducing mix won't take up too much space in your bag and are a nice way to re-introduce a sleep routine when your usual one has gone out the hospital window (Tip: Tisserand's Sweet Dreams roller ball is our favourite). 

5. SMALL NOTEBOOK AND PEN - There can be a lot of information to remember during your stay and this can get muddled or forgotten when you're tired or in a haze of pain-relief.  Your medical care team are invariably under time pressure and may pop in to tell you important medical information that is difficult to remember or process at that time.  This is why it's a smart idea to have a small notebook and pen in your bedside locker.  It doesn't have to be fancy - just functional. 

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