About the Company

Based in Wicklow, Ireland and established in early 2017, The Kind Twine Co aims to change the experience of gifting for both the sender and the recipient.
We've always been ridiculously excited when giving people gifts we know they'll really appreciate and show that we've put a lot of thought into.  But we've found it difficult to source these thoughtful, practical gifts for friends and family experiencing illness, having a tough time, or feeling down.  We've also found it hard to find quality care packages for new mums in need of some soothing, care and pampering.  Sometimes fussy hampers, bowls of fruit, boxes of chocolate or flowers just won't do. 
So, with lots of care and thought, we've created this selection of beautifully wrapped gift boxes.  Each gift box will let recipients know that you wish them well, that you send your thoughts and demonstrate you've put a lot of thought into the gift (yes- we make YOU look good!).
Our gift boxes are filled with practical, natural products chosen to help soothe, comfort and promote the physical and mental wellbeing of the recipient.  These products are mostly sourced from independent Irish and European business so you can join us in supporting small business (see, we make YOU feel good too!).
We’re passionate about gifting, independent business, natural products and bringing more cheer to the world.  You can find our selection of gift boxes here

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