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The Kind Twine Co: Gifting Studio - Gift box

I'm Finn Hynes - gift creator, mum, wife and stationery addict.  In December 2010 my (then) boyfriend and I left Ireland with one backpack each.  After a little travel and 6 years living and working in Australia, we returned to Ireland mid-2016 married, with two gorgeous toddler boys, dual citizenship and many wonderful memories. 
Having spent a decade in busy, exciting and challenging roles in the legal world, I decided the move back to Ireland was a natural break in my career and time to put all the business skills I'd learned to work for my own enterprise.  The Kind Twine Co was born!
I created this business to help people be kind and choose the right gift for the right person.  My aim is for you as the sender to feel good knowing you've sent a thoughtful, practical gift, and the recipient to feel cared for, thought of and appreciated.  The items chosen for the gift boxes are sourced from other independent business with a focus on the wellbeing and happiness of the recipients. 
I really hope you enjoy choosing your perfect gift from this collection of gift boxes and care packages. 

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