Send a Smile - Chill Dude

Men's gift box for a dude in need of a rest and recharge. He may be feeling down or in need of a pick me up.  Whatever the reason, this gift box will help show you care ... in a manly way. 

Our unique gift box is beautifully wrapped in nostalgic twine - not a ribbon to be seen!  Option to include a complimentary handwritten note card at checkout. 

  • REAL MAN SOAP Using thoughtful essential oil blends and nature’s pantry, The Handmade Soap Company based in Meath, Ireland, has created a range that will boost mood and skin in equal measure.  Packed with essential oils, and all natural, this invigorating soap leaves men feeling and smelling like real men. In a good way.
  • CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS Made in Ireland, Dr Coys' almonds, the “King of Nuts”, are loaded with vitamins, minerals, folic acid & fibre! When he's in need of an energy boost, these almonds help reduce tiredness and fatigue due to Vitamin B2 and Magnesium content.  A serving size (one-third of a 
    packet) provides over 50% of your required daily Vitamin E (a valuable antioxidant). 
  • AROMATHERAPY ROLLER When life gets hectic and the mind is overcrowded, using Tisserand De-Stress Aromatherapy Roller Ball takes the pressure off and brings a sense of calm. In a nourishing base of pure Jojoba oil, enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils including Comforting Geranium; Refreshing zesty Orange, Warming Nutmeg. Free from parabens. Free from synthetic fragrances.

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